Preparing for College

If you’re in high school, or even middle school, it’s never too early to start thinking about college. Where do you want to go, what major do you want to study? And maybe the most important question to consider: how will you pay for it?

Your parents might have money saved up for you, or maybe you started your own savings account (like with our Pounce Accounts or Future Funders). Even so, the savings may not cover all the costs of college, from tuition to books to rent. What else can you do to be better prepared?

sunwest-federal-credit-union-az-kids-blog-preparing-for-college-2-1.jpegIt never hurts to start looking up scholarships, grants, and loans that you might qualify for. Go to a place like to search for and get matched to scholarships. For a wider variety of options, try something like fastweb for financial aid, scholarships, internships, and more.

Opening a savings account is a good start, and getting a loan is a good back-up plan. But try to do some research now into all the options you have to earn money so you don’t owe anything, or at least not as much, by the time you graduate college. Your future finances will thank you!