Learning Ledger

How do you keep track of your money? You might get money as a birthday present. Maybe you get a weekly allowance when you do all your chores. Do you know how much money you have?

You will also spend your money. Sometimes you will buy toys, video games, ice cream, or something else. Do you know how much money you have after that?

With your parents’ help, print the SunWest Kids Learning Ledger (click here for a black and white version). Now you can keep track of how much money you have!


When you get money, write down the date, a description of how you got it, how much you got (next to the +) and now the total amount you have. When you spend money, it will be the same, with a description of how you spent it, how much you spent (next to the -) and how much you have left.

At the end of each page, put a check mark in the Saved More box or the Spent More box! Try to save more every time, and put it in your savings account at SunWest!

Check out the Pounce Accounts page to see what else you can get when you deposit your money at SunWest Federal Credit Union!