Finance Apps for Forward-Thinking Teens

How do you manage your spending? Maybe your parents help you, maybe you had a lesson on it in school, or maybe you have no idea where to start. Try out some of these apps that are perfect for assisting you with your finances!

Plan’it Prom is a great app to start with if you’re looking to specifically budget for prom. It’ll help you stick to your plan, so you can look great and have a wonderful time without breaking the bank!

Tip Yourself is based on a fun idea: you can tip yourself through your bank or credit union account. You get to choose the amount, and what to tip yourself for – maybe you went to the gym, or didn’t go on a shopping spree for a month, or you got an A on a test! It’s all up to you!


FamZoo is a virtual family bank. It’s a great way for your parents to get help teaching you good money habits. Your parents will be in charge of the “bank” that you are a “member” of. There are all sorts of ways you can learn about earning, spending, saving, and giving money.

Mint is likely the most well-know personal finance app from this list. It’s easy to connect all your financial accounts. Once you do, you’ll have everything in one place to keep track of. Plus, Mint will give you customs tips and savings! It’s an awesome way to stay on top of managing your money.

Which of these apps are you going to use? Check out this article for a few more suggestions. Let us know how it works out for you in the comments below or by tagging us on social media!