Getting Job Applications to Work For You

Summer is almost here – and with it comes summer break! If you’re not traveling with your family on vacation, you might be thinking about getting a job. A summer job is great if you want your own spending money, or to save up for college. If you aren’t looking already, now’s a good time to start. Keep in mind that how you apply can make a big difference in getting hired!

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Most places you apply to will probably have applications to fill out online, but there are still some you will need to go in person for. Either way, make sure you answer everything they ask for. If possible, find out ahead of time what information they need – especially if you’re going to be filling out a written in-person application. Creating a resume can help you have a quick reference to make sure you consistently get everything right, as well as give you a starting point to add to in the future.

By filling out all the sections, you can show an employer that you’re good at following directions. Even if you don’t have any formal work experience yet, you could use experience you got from volunteering, clubs, babysitting, and so on. Try to include activities and tasks that are most relevant to the job you’re applying to. If there are any confusing sections, you could ask a parent or guidance counselor for help.

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Once you’re done filling out the application, make sure to go over it again for spelling and grammar mistakes! Ask others to double-check it for you as well. The application is the first impression a potential employer is getting of you, so you want to have it show you at your best! For more tips, check out this article. The more prepared you are, the better chance you’ll have at landing a job sooner!