Pounce Has A New Friend: Howler!

If you’re a fan of Howler from the Arizona Coyotes, you’ll be happy to know he’s joined forces with Pounce to help kids learn about money!

This ocelot and coyote team have added some fun for kids in the Little Howlers program. If they sign up for a Pounce Account at SunWest, they will receive:

  • $25 initial deposit into their account by us (normally $10)
    • Child must be enrolled in Little Howlers with the Arizona Coyotes to qualify for the $25 deposit
  • 3% interest rate on the first $1,000 in their savings
  • A toy from the toy chest in the branch!

All sorts of fun await you! As you learn how to skate and play hockey, you’ll also be working on your savings skills. Parents, bring your kids to any of our branches to get signed up for Pounce Accounts today!

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