Study Now, Save Later

We’ve talked about saving, scholarships, and loans to help pay for college. But did you know those aren’t your only options to save money on your higher education? There is more you can start on during high school – you might just need to study a little harder.

While you’re in high school, you can take dual-enrollment courses. These classes will count toward your high school graduation credits, plus college credits! Make sure to do research on the course before you sign up. Some are free while others require tuition to be paid. Some will count as credits at any university, while others can only be used toward a certain one. Whatever the details, dual-enrollment courses are a relatively inexpensive way to knock off some general education requirements before you get to college.

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Another way to finish your general education requirements early would be to test out of them. Advanced Placement (AP) classes and the tests that follow allow you to do so. However, what many don’t realize is that some colleges will give you credit just for taking the class, no test needed. Likewise, you can also earn credit by only taking the test, without having to go through the whole class. The class and test combination could be the most likely way to allow you to pass the test, but do what works best for your situation.

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These two options are great ways to save a lot of money at your chosen university later, by just applying yourself to work a little harder now. Don’t forget to do your research on these options at your high school and make sure they will count as credits at your college. Plan a path for your future now so you can get where you want to go sooner!