Share the Love, Save Your Money

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Lots of people buy cards and candy from the store for you to pass out to your classmates and other friends. This year, why not make your own?

You can cut hearts out from cardboard cereal boxes and paint them to be whatever colors you want. Another idea would be to trace your hand on colorful paper – then you can give everyone you love a high-five any time! What other ways can you think of to make Valentines?

SunWest-Federal-Credit-Union-AZ-Kids-ValentinesDon’t forget, if you want to do anything with sharp tools or kitchen appliances, like cut out shapes or bake cookies, you might need help from your parents or another adult family member, so check with them first!

Making your own cards for your classmates, friends, and family saves money. You can put that money into your Pounce Account instead and see your balance get even bigger! That will help you buy things you want in the future.

Here’s another fun Valentine’s activity: connect the dots with Pounce!

  • Ask your parents to take you to SunWest so you can get February’s activity sheet.
  • Connect the dots to see what fun balloons he got!
  • Write your name on the back of the sheet and give it to one of the SunWest tellers. You will be entered into a contest to win a prize from Pounce’s Toy Chest!

Have fun connecting and coloring!



*See a completed version here.