Eggcellent Banking

Spring is here! What’s your favorite part? The flowers, the baby animals, the Easter Bunny? We love it all!

Pounce and Paws have a favorite activity: the Easter Egg Hunt! Sometimes there’s candy hidden in the eggs, sometimes there are little toys, and sometimes they find some money. Pounce is sure to put any money he gets into savings, while Paws needs a little more convincing. But once Pounce taught him the fun of saving, Paws is coming to SunWest with deposits a lot more often.

Little Girls Easter Egg Hunting

Make sure to come with your parents to deposit your money into your Pounce Account. After you deposit your money four times, you can pick out a new toy from the toy chest!

Here’s another way to get to open the toy chest. The Easter Bunny has hidden some eggs just for Pounce and Paws. Help Paws find his egg by guiding him through the maze!

  • Ask your parents to take you to SunWest so you can get March’s activity sheet.
  • Lead Paws to the egg at the end of the maze!
  • Write your name on the back of the sheet and give it to one of the SunWest tellers. You will be entered into a contest to win a prize from Pounce’s Toy Chest!

Color the sheet as much as you want! Good luck, we’ll see you soon!


*Click here for an example of the completed activity sheet.