On the Hunt for A Wealth of Words

There are a lot of words credit unions and banks use when talking about money. Some of them are really easy to understand – but some are a little more confusing! Pounce and Paws are learning all about them.

Our little ocelot and mountain lion are searching for words in this big jumble of letters. Paws knows words like deposit and SunWest, but what’s a balance? What’s a debit? Every time they find and circle a word, Pounce explains what it means to Paws. His friends at SunWest taught him and he wants to help Paws out!

Young dad drawing pictures in paper album with small daughter.

Like these two feline pals, circle what you spot in the word search! Once you’ve found them all, color their cute faces and the leafy desert plants behind them. You can ask your parents to join you and tell you what each word means. Then, if you get their permission, have them post a picture of your beautiful creation online for us to see!

Go here to download the full printable sheet.


Definition Guide:

Balance – the amount of money you have in your account

Bank – a financial institution that can receive deposits and make loans

Cash – physical currency like coins or notes

Check – a written, dated, and signed document that tells a bank to take money from one person’s account and put it in another

Coin – a small piece of metal that is normally flat and round, stamped to use as money

Credit – an addition to your balance (when you put money in your account), or how much money you can borrow from your credit union/bank

Debit – a subtraction from your balance (when you take money out of your account)

Deposit – putting your money into your account

Dollar – a type of currency

Loan – money given to a person that they have to pay back with interest

Money – currency used to exchange for services and goods

Paws – a mountain lion, trying to get better with his money

Pounce – an ocelot, helping his friends learn about money

SunWest – an Arizona credit union

Transfer – moving money from one account to another

Withdraw – taking money out of your account