Pounce Prepares for Mother’s Day!

Moms do a lot to take care of us! Can you list everything your mom does each day? Pounce is so thankful for his wonderful mother, and he wants to show her how much he cares this Mother’s Day.

Young Boy At Home With Bunch Of Flowers Writing In Mothers Day Card

There are so many fun ways to tell your mom you love her! You can ask your dad or another adult in your house to help you make her breakfast, and surprise her in bed. Make flowers out of paper for a bouquet that will last a long time! Also with an adult’s help, you can make your own magnets with salt dough and pictures of you. Anything you create is sure to be appreciated by your mom!

To go with your gift, print out this card with Pounce and his butterfly friends! You can color the card, cut it out carefully along the dotted line, fold it in half, and then write a letter to your mom and sign it with love on the inside.

> Go here to download the full printable sheet.