Making The Most of Quarantine

We’ve all been stuck at home for a while now. Concerts, sports, and other big events have been cancelled. Not being able to go to school, see your friends, hang out on the weekends – it can get frustrating after so long! While some of this is good for your wallet, it all adds up to less ways to spend your free time. Yet there are plans you can make with your money to help yourself in both the future and the present.

Teenager girl studying online at home looking at laptop at  quarantine isolation period during pandemic. Home schooling. Social distancing. Online school test.

Maybe you had a job before mandated physical distancing, maybe you don’t now. Either way, any money you made or that your parents give you as an allowance can be put to good use. Put it into your savings or invest it – this advice is good during almost any situation the world may be in. However, now is a good time to take a little and put it toward other interests.

What are you dreaming of for your future career? If you want to be a lawyer, buy a book or two to start studying. A musician? Buy that instrument and use your free time to practice. Maybe you already have the instrument – there are many free classes on YouTube and other official music sites. But you can set aside some money to pay for higher-level classes or online tutors. The same can apply to almost anything you want to improve on, whether you’re getting ahead on your studies for your dream job or you’re just improving on your skills for fun. As a bonus: all of it can go on college applications or resumes, as ways you have worked on improving yourself even in a time of instability.

young man playing guitar in his home

Here’s a great list of activities that cost little to nothing to occupy your days with. Saving money can be as easy as resisting buying a new video game and trying out one of these instead. If your schedule is a mix of productive and relaxing every day, you are sure to come out of this better than ever.