Time For A Treat!

Summer isn’t quite here yet, but the heat is! What’s a great way to to deal with the rising temperatures? For Pounce and Paws, the choice is easy: ice cream!

SunWest recently helped an ice cream shop called Scooptacular. They needed a loan so they could continue to operate in this climate, and we were able to help them out quickly! Nindi, the owner of Scooptacular, is also looking forward to checking out our youth accounts and says, “My kids are 5, 10 and 12. We plan on coming in once the branches are open to have them open accounts!!!”

Scooptacular just celebrated its 10-year anniversary last week and Nindi shares that, “We opened up 10 years ago during the housing crash. Our vision was to be a beacon of hope to the community during that time. What also motivated me was to create a family-friendly place where I could take my kiddos on daddy dates. We make all of our ice cream in-house and have won blue ribbons from the national ice cream association!!!”

Brand Pic

We are so glad we could help Scooptacular! Pounce and Paws can’t wait for Nindi’s kids to join them in their savings adventures. They’re also ready to grab a treat to cool off this summer! We hope you get to have some too – and while you’re enjoying your ice cream, we’ve got the perfect coloring sheet for you!

Print out the page below and color to your heart’s content! Are these two cool cats eating your favorite flavors? Ask your parents to share your art with us on social media for a chance to be featured on our pages. Parents, tag @SunWestFCU and include #PounceAndPals so we can see what flavors Pounce and Paws got!

> Download your free Pounce coloring sheet here!




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