Pounce Winds Up For Father’s Day!

Pounce loves getting to spend time with his dad! They practice baseball, go on hikes, cook meals, and read books together. What do you like to do with your dad? Pounce is ready to show his father how grateful he is on Father’s Day.

Dad with son playing baseball

How do you like to show your father how much you love him? If you want to give him food, get a clear glass or plastic jar, and put in popcorn, his favorite candy, or anything else that makes you think of him!

Make a photo gift (ask an adult if you need help) to share your best memories together. Get a picture frame and decorate it however you’d like: paint, glitter, gluing seashells or beads on it. Once it’s decorated and dried, put in a picture of yourself and your dad!

sea wooden frame with shells on sea background

This card with Pounce and his baseball gear is the perfect card to give with your gift. You can color the card, cut it out carefully along the dotted line, fold it in half, and then write a letter to your dad and sign it with love on the inside.

> Go here to download the full printable sheet.