Pounce & Paws Pool Party!

Summer in Arizona can be extremely hot – but there are a number of ways to stay cool. You can wait until the sun sets to go outside, eat cold foods like ice cream, or sit next to a fan. Our little ocelot and mountain lion friends have a favorite way to stave off the heat- swimming in the pool!

Pounce and Paws are spending their summer vacation at home. While the break from school is great, they’ve played a lot of video games and board games, plus read a lot of books! They’re itching to get outside and have some fun! After putting on sunscreen and making sure to stay safe around the pool, they picked some activities they could enjoy without having to spend much money.

The Arms of a Father Break a Water Balloon Over the Heads of His Three Daughters

If you’re looking for ways to get in some splash time but don’t have a pool, you can stock up on water balloons or water guns at your local dollar store! Fill them up at the sink inside or with the hose outside. Make sure you divide them between you and your friends evenly for a fair fight! Ask your parents to do a count down so you can race to your own sides of the yard if you want. Then let the battle begin!

Summer fun doesn’t have to break the bank. Bring the excitement of the water parks and beaches to your own backyard! Now it’s your turn to tell a story: What did Pounce and Paws do during their sunny summer day? Fill out the Pounce’s Mad Lib sheet and find out!

Go here to download the full printable sheet.