Design A Mask For Pounce!

2020 has been filled with a several changes to our daily routines and Pounce needs your help making the most of the circumstances. He knows that wearing a mask while out on his adventures helps to keep everyone safe… but seeing all his pals with their faces covered feels strange to our friendly ocelot. Still, there are plenty of ways to make looking like a ninja more fun. Pounce needs your help to create unique patterns for his face masks so everyone can see just how much personality resides within him.


Just like anything else you might wear – shirts, watches, earrings, hats – masks can show off your personality too! Pounce has seen masks with flowers, superheroes, crazy patterns, and more! How many different mask designs do you have? How about your parents? At SunWest, our employees have masks to wear that look like Pounce’s cute little ocelot face. If you walk into your local branch, you might even think you’re in a jungle! But Pounce wants something different for his own mask so he can really stand out and show off his creative side.

Print out this coloring sheet and design a mask for Pounce. You can create as many different patterns as you want. The more imaginative, the better! Then, ask your mom or dad to take a picture of you wearing your favorite face mask while showing off your coloring sheet!

> Click here to print at home!


Parents: Post your child’s picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, tag us @SunWestFCU, and include the hashtag #PounceAndPals for a chance to win a $25 gift card! A random winner will be picked and the card sent electronically on Friday, August 28.