Give Thanks With Pounce & Paws

Ah, the smell of pumpkin pie and apple cider is in the air... we must be getting closer to Thanksgiving! Pounce and Paws enjoy the delicious smells while they play outside. Not many trees in Arizona have autumn leaves that layer the ground. Yet there are still plenty to jump on for that "cronch" sound! … Continue reading Give Thanks With Pounce & Paws

Make Your Own Halloween Magic

Hey, what's that sound? There, in the bushes, it sounds like something's about to - Pounce! It's the little ocelot cub, in his homemade costume! October has begun, and Pounce and Paws are already super excited for Halloween. Who doesn't love dressing up and getting candy?! While Paws enjoys picking out a new costume every … Continue reading Make Your Own Halloween Magic

Pounce & Paws Pool Party!

Summer in Arizona can be extremely hot - but there are a number of ways to stay cool. You can wait until the sun sets to go outside, eat cold foods like ice cream, or sit next to a fan. Our little ocelot and mountain lion friends have a favorite way to stave off the heat- swimming in the pool!

Pounce Winds Up For Father’s Day!

Pounce loves getting to spend time with his dad! They practice baseball, go on hikes, cook meals, and read books together. What do you like to do with your dad? Pounce is ready to show his father how grateful he is on Father's Day.