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Youth Month at SunWest

When: April 2020

Event Day: 9am – 4pm Friday, May 1st 2020

Where: Your local SunWest Branch

What: Free Snacks + refreshments

Win: A surprise prize with a Pounce Accounts Scratch-Off Card

Contests: Enter-to-win social media contests during the month of April for ages 0-22

Check out our Contests page for more details about the Future Funder Accounts and Pounce Accounts contests. For information about the Journey Accounts contest, click here.

Join us as we celebrate you, our youth members! We want to say “thank you” for choosing SunWest to cultivate your financial growth. To show our appreciation, we have a month of fun planned for this April. With three separate social media contests for different age groups, you could enter to win a family getaway package, a videographer starter package, or a brand new tablet and accessories package! 

Not only do all of our youth account age groups have a chance to win these fantastic prizes, but we’ll also host a celebration with free snacks and refreshments on Friday, May 1st, to conclude Youth Month. As a bonus, Pounce Accounts kids will receive a Pounce scratch-off card when they visit any SunWest Branch on May 1st from 9am-4pm; scratch your card to discover a surprise prize! We can’t wait to see you in our branches!