Pounce Accounts

Pounce Accounts are SunWest’s new kids’ accounts! Get kids excited about their finances with program ambassadors “Pounce” the Ocelot and “Paws” the Mountain Lion.

SunWest’s Pounce Accounts are Designed for Kids Ages 12 & Under with Several Key Features:

  • Fee-free Kids’ Accounts
  • $10 Deposit + Goodie Tote Bag with New Account
  • Choice of Prize After 4 Deposits of $5 or More with Pounce Accounts Sticker Card
  • Each child who deposits $250 or more in the calendar year will be entered to win a drawing of $250
  • Seasonal Contests + Prizes
  • Educational Blog Posts 
  • Pounce + Paws Blog Post Stories
  • Savings Rate = 3.00% on first $1,000
  • Follow @PounceAccounts on Instagram to hear about Pounce’s latest adventures, contests, and events! You can even tag @PounceAccounts when you take a photo with your Pounce keychain or SunWest pet bandana to be featured on Pounce’s Instagram!
  • NEW! Pounce Accounts + Little Howlers Partnership
    • Child must be enrolled in Little Howlers with the Arizona Coyotes to qualify for the $25 deposit.

*Savings rate will match current share rates once child turns 18. Please see a representative for complete details. Terms and conditions are subject to change.